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Confomal Coating Dip Machine (เครื่องชุบงานPCB)




Control your process with our precision low volume dip coating system 

The DS102 bench-top dip coating system is designed specifically for prototype and small volume dip coating of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in conformal coating.


This compactly designed system offers a range of functions and features, resulting in a system so straightforward, cost effective and easy to use, it makes hand- dipping unnecessary.


Standard Features
  • A pneumatically driven control system, affording superior, smoother control to the operator when setting up and during operation
  • Compressed air function improves safety with flammable coatings
  • System operates completely from a single air inlet
  • Multiple horizontal support rods mounted on dipping arm for flexible loading of PCBs
  • Removable coating tank and lid for material for flexible processing
  • Compatible with nearly all conformal coatings
  • Compressed air supply only
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