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POWERFLOW (เครื่องบัดกรี PCB แบบอัตโนมัติ)

ERSA's new full N2 tunnel wave solder machine, the POWERFLOW N2 was specifically designed to meet the challenges of lead free! The machine highlights a 16" board width, plug and play preheat design (Medium IR, Convection, Short IR and now with new topside Convection) and 1.8 meters of preheat standard. Additional pre-heating of up to 2.4 meters can be added if needed. A new nozzle configuration brings the chip wave closer (40 mm) to the laminar wave for reduced solder defects. This machine has a pin & chain transport throughtout the fluxer and pre-heater and feeds into a finger conveyor in the wave section of the machine.

A bar code scanner on the new fluxer allows to selectively flux and program in "keep out areas" for board cut outs, where the fluxer will not spray a specific are of the board. The POWERFLOW N2 machinese has a process gas cleaning system (similar to Reflfow machines) which also regulates the Auto Tunnel Temperature Compensation. The machine has a low profile design of 1.57 m and is ideal for demanding customers who require a 16" tunnel wave.

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