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Power crystal machine HEDA-803B 1 (เครื่องตัดและดัดขา IC)

Power crystal machine HEDA-803B


The product model: Power crystal forming machine

Product categories: BrandTitle

Device parameters:

Power supply: 110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ

Size: L430*W400*H420mm

Weight: 30KG

Speed: 90pcs/Min

Equipment characteristics:

1 applies to power the crystal triode tubes; Electronic parts 

2 appearance similar use;
3 die do changes in different shapes;
4 replaceable mold, quick and easy replacement;
5 operation and maintenance easy, without too much training;
6 forming speed can be stepless speed regulation;
7 installation of vibrating plate loose parts can be formed;
8 according to the customer size custom-made mold, easy replacement of the mold.
HEDA-811 pneumatic machine parts (เครื่องตัดและดัดขา IC)

HEDA-811 pneumatic machine parts


The product model: The bulk capacitor, LED molding machine
Product categories: BrandTitle

Device parameters:

Size: L370*W160*H140mm;

Weight: About 10kg

Equipment characteristics:

1 crystal, capacitance, resistance and other parts can be processed, which can be matched with various forms of mold;

2 forming feet cut convenient operation of a complete;

3 small volume, easy replacement of the mold, the mold up more than 200 kinds of;

4 single (double) cylinder model;

5 knife mould are used Japanese imports of steel, long service life, easy maintenance;

6 can be customized according to customer requirements of die.