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Henkel Adhesive

Chipbonder Surface Mount Adhesive
Loctite Chipbonder is today adhesive of choice for assembly specialists worldwide. For mixed technology and double-sided SMT applications. Loctite Chipbonder is the name to trust.





Henkel Loctite Underfill
Formulated for use with CSP and BGA packages, Loctite underfill protects solder joints against shock, drop, and vibration. Material has been tested to JEDEC drop test standards on 0.4 and 0.5 mm lead-free devices. Compatible with lead-free solder materials, underfill is completely reworkable and features a pot life of 14 days at room temperature and 7 days at 40°C processing temperature.
Henkel, Loctite underfill formulated specifically for use with today advanced CSP and BGA packages. The innovative material is designed to quickly fill the space beneath the CSP and BGA packages and cures rapidly at low