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Nano Coating Material (น้ำยานาโนเคลือบงานPCB) 1

(น้ำยานาโนเคลือบงาน PCB)






New Product Release Data Sheet

The SMT NC-400 Nano Coating unit is an entry level system designed for low volume, manual coating operations on products requiring environmental using new generation Nano particle Fluoro-Polymer resin systems. It supports all the necessary parameters to maintain the material within the machine correctly, whilst reducing parasitic losses over extended periods. The NC-400 features a dipping tank with a refrigerated sump. Coating material is continuously re circulated through multi stage filters and a unique SMT developed solid state refrigeration system to reduce evaporation losses. Unlike conventional refrigeration systems which are subject to failure and refrigerent losses, the SMT solid state system can tolerate failure of part of the cooling array and continue working, saving both lost production time and expensive coating materials. Losses are further reduced by dual cooling coils in the hold zone above the sump, minimizing loss to the normal evaporation of the carrier solvent as the coated objects dry outside the machine. The dipping operation is manually carried out by the operator, but optional automated dipping will be available later. Control is by PID digital temperature controls with visual and audible alarms for all process critical parameters. An advanced system with computer control designed for automated dipping and integration into a process line will be available early 2017. The NC-400 works with almost all current Fluoro-Polymer coating materials from a variety of manufacturers.