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Oktek Centrifuge (เครื่องกำจัดฟองอากาศออกจากของเหลวในหลอด) 1


OKTEK G-5005
High-speed CENRIFUGE
A high-quality centrifuge with ZERO bubbles 
Adopts an inverter brushless motor for control The frequency of the motor’s rotation can be set accurately, and brush consumables need not be replaced
The tilt angle of the centrifugal tube can be changed according to the speed of rotation, thus the settling power generated from the centrifugal force and gravity always points to the bottom of the tube. Finally, all sediments are collected there, which in turn makes separation easy. 
50 cc 180 mm Plastic tube OK !!
This product features stable performance, high capacity, low noise, small temperature rises,ease of use,safety,reliability,etc. The scope of application covers experiment and scientific research agencies of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, as well as defoaming of syringe-type plastic in the electronics industry.