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Welcome to LongShine Thailand บริษัท ลองไชน์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

Long shine, has been established itself as more component source of knowledge offering for each application in the PCB processing with matching solutions and overall concepts

MISSION STATEMENT: To be a top class marketing and servicing organization of choice for customers through:

> Quality Product
> Cost Competitiveness
> Flexibility
> Fast Response Time
> Total Customer Satisfaction

ERSA Selective Soldering Machine

 VERSAFLOW (เครื่องบัดกรี PCB เฉพาะจุดแบบอัตโนมัติ)

Excepted as the world leader in in-line selective soldering, ERSA is now proud to introduce the third generation of VERSAFLOW machines. Market research indicated that improved machine accuracy, modular design allowing for machine extensions, increased throughput and decreased floor space requirements are being demanded by our customers. Increasing production efficiency remained a primary goal which was achieved during R&D.



Nordson Hotmelt Machine

 Nordson Hotmelt Machine (กาวอุตสาหกรรม)

Chipbonder Surface Mount Adhesive

Loctite Chipbonder is today adhesive of choice for assemblyspecialists worldwide. For mixed technology and double-sided SMT applications. Loctite Chipbonder is the name to trust. 





Hot Melt Adhesive Masking for Printed Circuit Board Coating Applications Nordson’s Unity™ Series tabletop robots and MiniBlue® II applicators provide fast, uniform and consistent application of a hot melt PSA masking material instead of manually applying thermal tapes. A full system includes: 



Berkshire Cleanroom Products

BERKSHIRE CLEANROOM  (สินค้าห้องคลีนรูม)

Berkshire 's nonwoven wipers are designed to have low extractable levels and particle conts, suitable for use in ISO Class 5-8 Environments. Absorbent nonwoven wipers are used in controlled environments for cleaning and wipe down of equipments and work surfaces. Nonwoven wipers are suitable for use in electronics, printers ,pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing.Use our nonwoven wipers for general cleaning in areas where a needed. high standard of cleanliness and a lowest total cost is needed.